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The Raw Pet Food Advantage

Raw dog food the way you want it... Affordable, Convenient, and Direct to Your Door.

We are the only online retailer that has scrutinizes each brand before agreeing to sell it. We are the consumer's advocate to ensure they buy only the healthiest pet food that comes from honest companies using only the best natural and healthy ingredients.

Other than a properly prepared homemade raw diet, frozen raw dog food is the best dog food you can feed your pet. We are on a mission to find the ultra-premium foods by getting a backstage pass to the companies that manufacture them.

With our streamlined shipping process and easy to use website you will find that getting raw frozen dog food the way you want it is simple.

The Product

Steve's Real Food offers the highest quality raw pet food by using only grass feed/free range meat and poulty. The produced is sourced from the Northest allowing them to get a variety of fresh fruites and vegetables year round.

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The Program

How do you ship frozen raw food pet food?
We have been shipping Steve's Real Food frozen pet food for over 4 years and have a system that works! We ship everything ground in insulated boxes with dry ice. We know exactly how much dry ice to use to get it to you frozen.
STEP 1- Use the Feeding Calcuator to determine how much to feed.
STEP 2- Choose the proteins you want to feed.
STEP 3- Setup a reoccuring order or one time shipment.
STEP 4- Place Order.

Within 2 or 6 days you will get your order!- Let's Get Started

Benefits of Raw Food

Raw Food for pets is becoming extremely popular due to its ability to not only heal many ailments but create a nutritionally pet who thrives.

The key component to raw food are the enzymes which assist in the digestive process and help with just about every metabolic process. Enzymes die when exposed to heat over 117 degrees, so anything cooked has absolute no enzymes. The body can make their own enzymes but only a limited time. Once it runs out the body will quickly degrade and that is why you typically see disease in dogs' surface around the 6 to 8 years mark.

When your start your pet on a raw diet you will instantly see a healthier cost, better breath, smaller stools and less gas. After time, hot spots and allergies are alleviated and other food related problems are resolved.

Raw Pet Food Feeding Calculator

Enter your pets weight and life stage below for an estimation of the cost to feed per week.