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Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food | Steve's Real Food

Get Steve's Real Food freeze-dried diets delivered to your door. Freeze dried is great for transitioning pets to raw, used as a training treat, as a food topper, or for traveling when keeping food frozen is an obstacle. For every day, full-time feeding, we recommend the frozen raw dog food. All Steve's raw diets are complete and balanced for all life stages, and formulated to far exceed AAFCO's nutrient profiles for both dogs and cats. All ingredients in the raw dog food and raw cat foods are made from 100% whole, fresh foods. The meats for our freeze dried raw foods are all ethically-raised and fed a species-appropriate diet.

Good for pets and the ground they walk on

Raw Freeze Dried Food for Dogs and Cats

Doesn't take up precious space! If you have ever tried to keep raw pet food in a cooler, you know its nearly impossible to keep it frozen. Freeze-dried pet food allows you to avoid the cooler mess or save space in your mini-fridge's freezer for your own food.
It's easy to prepare! Just scoop your pet's portion of food, pour warm water over it, allow a few minutes to rehydrate, and serve your pet a nutritious meal. To REHYDRATE, add 3/4 cup of water for each 1 cup of food. Ok to give freeze dried raw dog food without water if it's used as a treat.
It's lightweight! The freeze-drying process removes the moisture from the food making it light as a feather. You could even take a little extra to give your pet while out on the trail or on the boat

Steve’s freeze dried raw food comes in the same great flavors as the frozen raw diets. We have the best freeze dried diets on the market and here are the reasons why.

Price - our freeze dried diets come in a 20oz bag that is one of the most affordable in its category when it is broken down by ounce.

Value - a good value means more than just price. It means getting more than what you're paying for. Our value added ingredients include goat milk for added beneficial bacteria. Egg membrane for hyaluronic acid, and coconut oil as a medium chain fatty acid.

Texture - it is the texture of our freeze dried that really sets it apart. Some freeze dried diets are so dense, although they maintain their shape in the bag they are hard to crumble and rehydrate. Steve’s freeze dried holds its shape in the bag and you won’t find a bunch of crumbled powder at the bottom but when you want to crumble it up to use it as a topper it breaks apart easily. It also rehydrates very quickly.