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How We Ship

How does the raw pet food come?

Each shipment containing frozen product will come in an insulated box with dry ice. If there is not any dry ice but the shape of the nuggets are still firm, then we used the perfect amount of dry ice and it finished evaporating just before you opened the box. If there is still dry ice in the box, carefully remove the extra ice using gloves and put it in the sink to melt. There is an option to add additional dry ice at checkout.

You will receive an email with the tracking information once your order ships from our warehouse in Tulsa, OK. You do not need to be home to claim your package.

How much does shipping cost?

Our order minimums that qualify your order for free shipping are as follows, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico:

  • (4+) bags of frozen 5lb nuggets
  • (3+) bags of our freeze-dried original diet
  • (2+) packs of freeze-dried Quest cat food

For all orders under the minimums listed above, shipping will be calculated at checkout baesd off of the amount of food ordered and shipping distance.

How long does it take to get my order?

All orders containing frozen products ship out Monday - Thursday to ensure that the food doesn't sit extra days at a shipping facility and give the food a chance to dethaw. Frozen food typically arrives Thursday - Saturday.

If you order only freeze-dried product, it will ship Monday - Friday.

This is an estimate of how long the food will take to get from our warehouse to your door.

What if my order arrived defrosted?

If your order arrived with the food warm to the touch or no longer holding shape, take photos right away and email We will work with your to reach a positive resolution.

Ok to Feed Pet

NOT ok to Feed Pet