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3 Reasons Raw Goats Milk is Good for Dogs

3 Reasons Raw Goats Milk is Good for Dogs

Raw goat milk, or unpasteurized goat milk is known as one of the most complete natural foods you can provide for your pet. It is an amazing source of essential nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and key enzymes. As a part of your pet's diet or a special treat, goat milk yogurt offers incredible benefits for your furry best friend including help with digestive issues, relief from itching and allergies and reduction of inflammation. Here are the top 3 reasons raw goat milk is good for dogs.

Raw Goat Milk for Optimal Digestion

Goat Milk is teaming with beneficial probiotics and contains less lactose and less alpha-s1 casein (a protein allergen) than cow's milk for optimal gut health. With smaller fat globules than cow's milk, goat's milk is easier to digest and will assist pets with sensitive digestive tracts with nutrient absorption. This amazing natural digestion aid is loaded with beneficial key enzymes and probiotics to help decrease the 'bad bacteria' in your dog’s digestive system and replace it with the 200+ 'good bacteria' found in raw goat milk. Because it is easy on the tummy and absorbs quickly (about 20 minutes), raw goat milk is an ideal solution for pets with gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, vomiting, colitis, IBS and pancreatitis.

Raw Goat's Milk as an Effective Anti-Inflammatory

What your pets eat directly influence their body's pH balance. Adding raw, unpasteurized goat milk to your dog or cat's diet will improve energy, promote weight loss and alleviate the painful inflammation from arthritis. Compared to cow's milk, which is acid forming, goat's milk contains enough calcium to make it alkaline forming which promotes a balanced body to help your pet feel better inside and out. For pets suffering with arthritis, the natural anti-inflammatory properties found in raw goat's milk can offer immediate and lifelong relief without the side effects associated with steroids like cortisone and prednisolone.

Allergy Relief from Raw Goat Milk

Widely studied for its tolerance in children who suffer from a cow milk protein allergy, goat milk has been proven to improve blood serum levels of calcium, vitamin A, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin and hemoglobin along with improvements in weight gain and skeletal mineralization. Results of improved allergy symptoms for pets with food and environmental allergies is one of the most significant factors for many pet owners to try the addition of raw goat milk to their pets daily diet. With both anti-inflammatory and anti-mucous properties, goat make is the perfect treatment for dogs or cats suffering from allergies.

Other Notable Health Benefits of Raw Goat Milk

With helpful essential nutrients, the addition of raw goat milk or raw goat milk yogurt to your pets diet will provide many health benefits with 70 - 90% bioavailability, which means 70 - 90% of the nutrients found in raw pet foods are absorbed compared to only 20 - 40% of any standard kibble available on the market.

With 500+ vitamins, trace minerals and essential nutrients found in raw goat's milk, it will also provide antioxidants for healthy immune system support, improve respiratory function, promote healthy liver and kidney function and even help prevent and fight cancer. Raw goat's milk yogurt, in combination with a raw pet food diet, will help your pets achieve optimal health and wellbeing naturally, the way nature intended.

The Difference Between Raw and Pasteurized Goat Milk

Raw goat milk is a 'living' food containing beneficial probiotics and many other positive health-promoting components. These vital nutrients are often delicate and can be destroyed with the pasteurization process; which is why it is important to choose raw goat milk and goat milk products to ensure these important enzymes like lipase, phosphatase and lactase remain intact. The beneficial properties of other components that are also destroyed during pasteurization by heat include oligosaccharides, a complex carbohydrate known as an important prebiotic found in the large intestine.

Convenient, Raw Goat Milk Yogurt Delivered

Providing your pets with the best nutrition at an affordable price has never been so easy! delivers convenient raw frozen goat milk yogurt and pet food right to your door! We provide the healthiest dog and cat food that your pet will love, from honest companies who use only the highest quality natural ingredients.

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