Affordable & Convenient Raw Frozen Pet Food

Making Dogs & Cats Healthier Since 1998

3 Reasons to Choose Pet Food Delivery

For many pet owners, choosing a dog food with high quality, fresh ingredients is a priority. But, feeding our furry friends a 100% organic, fresh and balanced meal can be challenging and time-consuming. The ease and convenience of our pet food delivery services is the answer. With options for a one-time pet food delivery service or for a recurring subscription, it has never been simpler to provide the best possible diet at an affordable price for your dog or cat. Prepared frozen raw pet food will give your dog all the health benefits without the hassle of making a trip to the pet store.

High Quality ingredients

A diet made with organic, fresh, holistic, nutritious ingredients, sourced in the US, will provide your pet with numerous health benefits and a noticeable improvement in their overall wellbeing. Raw frozen dog food is complete and balanced with high quality natural proteins like free-range, antibiotic and antibiotic free organ and muscle meat from your choice of beef, chicken, turkey, turducken and pork. Other ingredients include fresh, pesticide-free apples, carrots, broccoli, romaine lettuce, and beneficial omega 3 fatty acids from sardine and anchovy oil.

No Prep, No Mess

Feeding your dog the most nutritious diet possible used to mean butchering and storing raw meat, not to mention the cleaning and sterilization to keep your home sanitary. Now, with the help of prepared, frozen raw pet food, mealtime for your pet is safe and convenient. Recommendations for safe handling of frozen raw pet food are the same for handling raw meat products for you and your family. When it’s time to feed your pet, you simply pour it in their bowl and serve it frozen.

Affordable Auto-Delivery, Direct to Your Door

Because of the perishable nature of frozen raw pet food, Steve's Real Food orders are shipped direct to you in an insulated cooler, packed with dry ice to keep it frozen during transport. Most orders are shipped on Tuesday, every week so you can expect delivery on the same day each week to avoid any delayed deliveries with our convenient subscription service.

We Are a Frozen, Raw Pet Food Delivery Company

Since 1998, we have been providing affordable and convenient raw frozen pet food delivered on schedule, right to your door. We do the hard work so you can provide your furry best friend with the healthiest, all natural food from honest companies who use only the highest-quality ingredients. We proudly to offer fresh dog food delivery with pet diets starting at $5.10 per pound with free shipping when you order 20lbs.