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It's A Lifestyle

It's more than just what goes in their bowl.

Diet is absolutely a huge factor in the health and longevity of your pet! But, it is only the foundation. Being a raw feeder is being the best for your pet, not just feeding them. Now that they have the fuel they have the drive to explore, learn, and love.


Appropriate activity levels will vary depending upon factors such as age, size, breed, and physical limitations of your pets. However, it is absolutely crucial from puppyhood to the senior years for them to get plenty of exercise! Whether you have a young healthy working dog who runs the fields for hours on end, or a teenager who enjoys a slow sniffing stroll down the block, it’s equally important to move those bodies!  


Our pets have been domesticated for a long time, and, especially those who reside in a city, have become accustomed to spending the majority of their time indoors. But fresh air and sunshine are so important for their well being. Let them walk on the grass and smell the trees and lay in the sun. The more often the better, but even just a few minutes a day can lift their spirits! For our indoor cats, a “Catio” or window enclosure is a safe way to let them enjoy the breeze and watch the birds. Even a sunny windowsill is better than nothing.  


This one is often overlooked. We tend to think that our pets sleep all the time. But, if your dog, who used to sleep through the night, suddenly can’t, or won’t, try to figure out why. There is very likely something bothering him. Is he anxious? Distracted by something outside? Painful or sick?   Whatever issue they have going on, long term lack of sleep will only make things worse.


You have a social life outside the home, a job, hobbies, and friends. Your pet only has YOU. They depend on you for all other sources of happiness. Remember that when you spend time together. Put down your phone and give your friend your full attention; they can tell the difference. Be present for him the way he is for you.