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Discover Raw Pet Food

What is Raw Pet Food?

The term raw and fresh pet food are becoming increasing popular and sought after by pet parents. It is important to know the difference. A raw pet food diet has never been exposed to any type of heat whether it be steaming, baking, slow cooking, or sous vide. When heat is introduced the food starts to loose its nutritional effectiveness. The first to go are enzymes, and then nutrient degradation.

Raw food is the optimal food for your pet. Learn more here.


Steve's Real Food has 5 complete and balanced formulas that are perfect for both your cat and dog. Each diet far exceeds AAFCO's nutritional requirements, and are regularly lab tested. Steve's Real Food incorporates super-foods like Kelp, Raw Goat Milk, and Egg Shell Membrane making it perfect for both growing puppies, active adults, or aging seniors.

Being a Raw Feeder Goes
Beyond the Bowl

Choosing a the healthiest diet for your pet is just the start. The raw lifestyle becomes you and before you know it you are planing activities, shopping with your pet, and carving out a part of your day to just snuggle with the furry best friend.