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Raw Dog Food Feeding Guidelines

Feeding Amount

When feeding raw dog food you base the amount to feed on your dog's weight and activity level. An active adult dog will eat 2.5% of their body weight. So if your dog weighs 50 pounds, you will feed 1.25 pounds per day (50lbs x 2.5% = 1.25lb), split between two meals.

This formula is a rule of thumb and you must watch your dog's weight to see if you need to feed more or less. Every dog (just like humans) has different metabolisms and require different daily caloric intake. Use our Feeding Calculator to determine the feeding recommendation for your dog.


If your dog is not currently eating raw pet food you will want to transition them to Steve's Real Food slowly especially if they are older or have health issues. You will use the appearance of their stool as your gauge for increasing or decreasing the amount of raw pet food to feed.

Start by feeding 1/4th the recommended feeding amount of Steve's and 3/4ths of what your dog was eating before. If a few days go by and the stools are still firm (or more likely firmer), increase the amount of Steve's by another quarter and decrease the previous food. Continue until you are feeding the amount you want. If the dog's stools become loose and runny, reduce the amount of Steve's and wait 2-3 more days before adding more raw in. The stools will sometime become loose because of the dog removing the toxins from their body or the body is so unfamiliar with fresh natural foods it takes a while to adjust its digestive functions.

Safe Handling

Raw pet food will have bacteria in it and you must treat is the same way you would any raw meat.

  • Clean all surfaces and utensils that came in contact with the food.
  • To reduce cross contamination do not store an open container of raw dog food next to fruits or vegetables.
  • Defrost in a closed container in the refrigerator.
  • Feed on ceramic, stainless steel or a paper plate. Plastic can have stretches and store food particles in them.
  • A dog or cat will drop the food next to the bowl. Make sure to clean the floor around the bowl.
  • Clean the bowl between meals.