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Why Poor Quality Pet Food Exists?

Why Poor Quality Pet Food Exists?

Why Does Poor Quality Pet Food Exist?

Every pet owner wants the best for their animal, but do you know what's really going into the food you give your dog or cat? The kibble you have been feeding them for years may not be as healthy as you may think. So, what is in it?

Link to video demonstrating why poor quality pet food exists

The Pet Food Industry is Not Regulated

The AAFCO, or Association of American Feed Control Officials, are supposed to oversee pet food standards in the United States. However, they don't do very much to keep your pets safe and healthy. They are a voluntary membership organization composed of mostly pet food manufacturers who do work to keep loose guidelines about pet nutrition, so they can save money.  

Poor Quality Ingredients

The ingredients used to make pet food kibble change from brand to brand. There is no national standard for what goes into pet food. The pet food industry regulates itself, with bare minimum recommendations from AAFCO. Some manufacturers try to maintain reasonable standards, while others cut every corner they can find. This may include using nutritionally empty fillers, including meat waste products unfit for human consumption, and loading the kibble with salt and oils to create the pet equivalent of fast food.

Marketing Tricks

When shopping, look out for false or misleading marketing claims. Words like premium and gourmet are advertising ploys. Have you seen the claim that dry kibble will clean your dog's teeth? In reality, kibble is composed of large parts of carbohydrates which break down into sugar and will definitely not help clean a pet's teeth any better than crunchy chips will clean a human's teeth. If you want a pet with healthier teeth and fresher breath, nothing beats regular tooth brushing.

No Recall Laws or Penalties for Bad Product

So, what does the pet food manufacturing process actually look like? First, the manufacturer finds sources of cheap meat byproducts, filler, and even grains. Pet food manufacturers create a kibble recipe which doesn't need premarket approval and therefore isn't held to consistent standards. The pet food is made in manufacturing facilities that aren't even required to be regularly inspected.

What happens when the food hits the market? It's distributed everywhere from supermarket shelves to doggie day care facilities. If a product is bad, there is no policy to recall it and manufacturers are not penalized for providing contaminated food. Even if your pet gets sick or dies, the FDA will not intervene as pets are considered property, and you may only be compensated for the Value of the animal.

A Better Source of Pet Food

At, we have nearly 20 years of experience with sourcing food made from healthy ingredients and created under stringent safety standards. A raw diet provides the best natural and healthy ingredients. Premium frozen raw dog food offers specially formulated, quality ingredients with no fillers or harmful preservatives. Although we believe that a properly prepared pet diet of homemade raw food is best, we understand that not every pet owner has the knowledge, free time, and resources to do this. The good news is that there is a commercial frozen raw dog food and raw cat food you can feed your pet that is a healthy and balanced diet. Thanks to our streamlined shipping process, getting your pet raw food directly delivered to your door is as easy as filling out an online order form.

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