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Raw Food for Senior Dogs and Cats

Raw Food for Senior Dogs and Cats

Raw Food for Senior Dogs and Cats

Many pet owners believe they can't do anything to help their older pets deal with physical ailments as they age. Actually, it's never too late to help improve the health of your dog or cat. In fact, in many cases you can actually improve your aging pet's health and energy levels by simply switching them to a raw food diet.


Benefits of A Raw Diet For Older Pets

Switching your senior pets to a raw diet will help keep them at a healthy weight, which helps them stay active and energetic. Plus, it helps minimize the effects of arthritis and degenerative disease on their joints, and even alleviate their risks of developing these conditions. Additionally, a raw diet will help reduce their risks for dental disease, cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, hormonal disorders and skin diseases. Processed foods often cause skin disease in our pets due to their added ingredients.

Raw ingredients are also easier for senior pets to digest. Less ingredients means less stress on their digestive system. They keep their digestive system strong and even help boost their immune system. This means they're able to fight off disease better, on their own, without medication. Fewer medications are often better for their health, as well.

Choose A High-Quality Protein

When changing your senior dog or cat to a raw diet, make sure to choose a high quality protein. Studies show dogs and cats need to consume more protein as they get older. This will help them maintain healthy lean muscle mass and even build more muscle and maintain proper organ and immune function.

Your dog or cat needs a high quality meat that has been processed. This will help keep the nutrients intact. The protein you find in most processed pet foods is rendered. This puts a strain on your pet's organs, specifically their kidneys and liver. By the time your pet is older, if they've been eating processed foods for years. their organs have been working too hard. They no longer do their job as well as they could. That's why a raw diet is better. The sooner you get your pet onto a raw diet, the better.

A raw, balanced diet has all the components of a preventative diet that seniors need. As we all know, "We are what we eat" and that goes for our pets too. High quality raw diets include a meat-based protein source. As well as, calcium from whole bones, organ meat, greens, probiotics(think yogurt), Omega 3 fatty acids, herbs and superfoods.

No Time Like The Present - Get Raw Pet Food Delivered

While many people feel it's too late to switch to a senior pet's diet, if you want your pet to feel better, and stay healthy, it's never too late.

Change your four-legged friend to a fresh, balanced, raw diet now and reap the benefits. Raw pet food is much better for our senior pets than processed pet foods. Switch today and help your senior pet feel better! 

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