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How A Raw Pet Food Can Help Improve Your Pet's Immune System

How A Raw Pet Food Can Help Improve Your Pet's Immune System

How A Raw Pet Food Can Help Improve Your Pet's Immune System

Your pet's immune system is a sensitive system of biological protections. The immune system defends your pet's body against infections and diseases. Keeping your pet’s immune system healthy and functioning helps you prevent poor health and chronic illnesses in your pet. To help maintain your pet's immune system in the healthiest possible condition over time, feed your pet only foods that contain the proper nutritional components for optimum pet health, and avoid highly processed foods that are known to be less healthful for pets.

What Should You Feed Your Dog?

Dogs' physiology determines what they should eat. Dogs are carnivorous animals. That means their diets should primarily consist of meats. Animals do not cook the meats they eat, which means that your dog's anatomy is designed for eating raw meat, including muscle, bones, organs and fat tissues.

So, to ensure that your dog receives the most appropriate food for canines, feed your pet only raw foods. Additionally, fresh raw foods, exposed to no more than minimal processing, contains enzymes that help in digestion.

Health Benefits For Dogs From Raw Foods

  • Dental — Starches in commercial pet foods cause tartar buildup that can lead to dental disease. Infections can develop inside the mouth that can lead to serious infections in other areas of your dog's body. Eating raw meats allows dogs to crunch and grind bone materials, which naturally removes plague from teeth. That's why dogs fed raw foods have healthier, whiter teeth that don't require special chew bones, brushing, or expensive dental work.
  • Skin and Fur — Dogs living on diets of commercial foods often have dull coats. Dogs with raw food diets are known to have generally smoother and healthy fur. Also, dogs on low-quality diets have more frequent skin problems, such as dry, flaked, or itching skin. While not all domestic canine skin conditions are entirely attributable to dietary issues, pet dogs eating a steady diet of raw foods can be expected to exhibit the healthier coat and skin conditions that are associated with a more robust immune system.
  • Allergies — While dogs can be allergic due to various environmental causes, the majority of allergies in pet dogs are diet related. Food allergies sometimes cause problems with digestion and skin and can contribute to recurring infections of eyes and ears, and many other chronic health conditions.
  • Energy — Dog owners who feed their pets raw foods frequently report that their dogs show improved vitality. They observe that their pet dogs appear to have much more energy, and even older dogs display much greater energy.
  • General Health — Dogs that are fed a diet of foods that are most appropriate for them biologically are able to absorb and fully assimilate nutrients from their foods. Receiving proper nutrition in this way makes their digestive and immune systems function properly and makes their bodies generally stronger. This reduces risk of serious diseases as dogs age.

Switch to Raw Pet Food Today

Raw Pet Food offers optimally nutritious, affordable, all-natural pet food that you can order online. Our service is ideal for pet owners who want pet food delivered directly to your door. Simply sign up for recurring, or just one-time delivery. We're here to help you keep your pets healthy, and give them long, happy lives.

Raw Pet Food is delivered frozen. Available selections include: turkey, chicken, pork, and turducken flavors. All ingredients are included in the formula based on nutritional factors. No fillers or toxic preservatives are used in Raw Pet Food products. All products consist of meats from free-range grass-fed (no grains) sources that are raised free from antibiotics and hormone use.

We proudly provide pet foods that qualify for labeling as Complete and Balanced for All Life Stages. All Raw Pet Food meats are USDA inspected.

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