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Foods You Should Not Give Dogs

Foods You Should Not Give Dogs

As dog owners, we quite often think nothing of sharing our food with our furry companions. In fact, some 'people food' ingested by dogs can be downright dangerous and trigger very serious toxic reactions. Since our dogs are often considered a part of the family, it would be devastating if they got a hold of something with harmful ingredients or even worse, if you gave them a 'treat' that caused a toxic or lethal reaction. As the ' leader of the pack' it is our responsibility to know about the foods you should never give your dog.

We've compiled the following list of harmful foods to help keep pet owners informed about the signs of ingesting toxic ingredients, the possible side effects and what to do in the event of an emergency:


Chocolate is the most commonly known forbidden food for dogs. The ingredient theobromine is found in all chocolate, even white chocolate. The most toxic types are unsweetened baking cocoa and dark chocolate. Depending on the amount ingested; chocolate can cause an allergic reaction with vomiting, diarrhea, tremors or seizures and fatal heart problems.

Macadamia Nuts

Eating just six macadamia nuts can make your dog very sick. Symptoms to look for include vomiting, high temperature, muscle shakes and weakness in the back legs. Ingesting macadamia nuts with chocolate will definitely make symptoms worse and could lead to death.

Onions and Garlic

Poisoning from onions and garlic cause vomiting, weakness and breathing problems. Onions and garlic in all forms; raw, cooked, powdered or dehydrated can cause anemia by killing a dog's red blood cells. Ingesting an occasional small amount should be okay but a lot at once is definitely not good for your dog.

Grapes or Raisins

Known as a great kid-friendly treat, grapes or raisins should never be given to your dog. Just a small amount can cause repeated vomiting with despondent sluggishness which can then lead to kidney failure. If your pet is showing these symptoms call your vet immediately because this could signal the beginning of kidney failure.


A toxic ingredient called persin is found in the leaves, skin, seed and fruit of the avocado. Dogs and some people have an allergy to persin that causes mastitis in lactating females, heart failure or death. While it is true that dogs are more resistant than other animals to persin, that doesn't mean it is safe to give your four legged friends.

Xylitol Artificial Sweetener

Sugar-free foods, candy, gum and even toothpaste may contain xylitol. Dogs who get ahold of these sugar-free snacks can have terrifying reactions like vomiting, coordination problems and seizures. It is vital to contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your pet has been poisoned with xylitol because liver failure can occur within just a few days.

Other People Foods to Avoid Giving Your Pet

Dogs are snack opportunists, be aware of what he can reach when you're not looking to help keep your devoted partner safe and healthy for years to come. Other people foods to avoid:

  • Alcohol - could cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, tremors, coma or death.
  • Coffee or Caffeine - can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and is toxic to the heart and nervous system.
  • Citrus - ingested in large amount; citrus, fruits, stems, leaves, peelings, and seeds can cause irritation and possible central nervous system depression.
  • Salt and Salty Snacks - too many salt-heavy snacks like chips, pretzels or popcorn can cause vomiting, diarrhea, elevated temperature, tremors, seizures or death.
  • Yeast Dough - yeast produces ethanol, which can cause painful bloating and potential twisting in your pups stomach and can fast become life threatening.

In Case of Emergency

To be worthy of our best friend's love and devotion, we owe it to them to recognize and protect them from poisonous foods. But its not always easy to keep them safe, if your dog is showing signs of poisoning after eating toxic foods you should take note of the amount ingested and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Feed Your Pet Naturally Healthy Food

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