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A Raw Diet Has Been Shown to Be Effective in Case of Digestion Issues

A Raw Diet Has Been Shown to Be Effective in Case of Digestion Issues

A Raw Diet Has Been Shown to Be Effective in Cases of Digestion Issues

For pet owners seeking dietary solutions for their beloved companions with digestive issues, a raw pet food diet can make a huge improvement. As pet owners, we have the ability to influence the health and well being of our pets through their diets. A raw, meat-based diet is ideal for a dog's digestive system.

Raw Pet Food Ingredients

While pet owners recognize the positive effects from feeding their dog or cat a raw pet food diet, the benefits for digestive issues have been the most significant. A balanced raw diet should include mostly high protein meat and other healthy ingredients like fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. With the inclusion of functional foods like flaxseed, coconut oil and cod liver oil for vital omega 3 fatty acids. Steve's Raw Pet Food combines the critical ingredients necessary to create an energy-packed meal for your pet that is vital for optimal digestion and overall health. Our pet diets are made from free-range, antibiotic and hormone free beef and poultry.

Poor Quality Kibble = Poor Digestion

Your pet's digestive system works best with a grain-free diet. Pets do not have the digestive enzyme "amylase" which is needed to digest grain. When you feed grains to your dog their pancreas works overtime to process something it is not meant to breakdown. Improper digestion can create toxin producing bacteria in the lower bowel and lead to liver and kidney problems. Unfortunately, the kibble that is widely available on store shelves is often mainly comprised of a grain base and contains other unsavory ingredients and are equivalent of eating junk food for people, with little or no nutritional value. Poor digestion can lead to many different symptoms resulting in dehydration, malnutrition and electrolyte imbalance. Pet parents should consider the healthy, healing aspects of a raw diet if your pet is suffering from any of the following digestive issues:

  • Regurgitation or Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Lethargy
  • Chronic GI Disease
  • Colitis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Constipation and Diarrhea
  • Malabsorption

The Digestive Benefits of Raw Pet Food

Pets have a much shorter digestive tract than us and therefore have less time to process food. If food is not fully digested then your pet is not getting all the nutrients from it. Moisture rich, minimally processed raw pet foods free help your pet's digestive system and overall well being. A healthy digestive tract affects all other aspects of your pet's health to best use vital nutrients from food to repair and build tissues and properly utilize energy. A raw pet food diet formulated with whole, unprocessed functional food offers a pH-balanced alternative containing enzymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals, that do not exist in on the shelf kibble, will make all the difference for your pet's tummy troubles.

Raw Goat Milk For Optimal Digestion

Raw goat milk is another worthwhile solution for dogs or cats with digestive problems. Raw goat's milk contains beneficial probiotics for optimal gut health. With less lactose and protein allergen than cow's milk, raw goat milk/yogurt is easier to digest and will help pets with sensitive digestion to better absorb vital nutrients. The probiotics and key enzymes located in goat's milk help decrease the bad bacteria and replace it with 200+ good bacteria. Because it is easy on the tummy with quick absorption, raw goat milk/yogurt is a great treat to treat your pet with gastrointestinal issues. With many other benefits like anti-inflammatory factors and allergy relief. Steve's Raw goat milk yogurt is highly palatable and contains:

  • Antibiotic and Hormone Free Goat's Milk From Free-Range Goats
  • Added Chia
  • Added Coconut Flour
  • No Pasteurization

Convenient and Affordable Raw Dog Food Delivery is an ideal solution for dogs or cats with digestive issues. We deliver convenient and affordable frozen raw pet food directly to your doorstep! We are proud to provide pet lovers with the highest quality, organic pet food from many different companies who also take pride in providing pet owners with the healthiest pet food available on the market today.

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