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Why Raw Dog Food Is Better for your Pet

Any time a food is brought to a temperature above 117 degrees F the molecular structure is changed the enzymes are destroyed. Unlike you, your pet does not have the ability to create these digestive enzymes so he/she must get them from the food they eat.

In addition most food's nutritional value is reduced or depleted when it is cooked. Below are the results of a 2003 study from the USDA which tested the effects of cooking on nutrient levels in a variety of food. The overall finding was that any heat exposure will break down and reduce the amount of nutrients available in the food. The higher the heat or longer the exposure to the food, the greater the loss. Each number represents the overall nutrient loss of food being "baked" which is basically how dry kibble is produced. Keep in mind that canned food is exposed to more heat and will high greater nutrient losses.

When kibble is cooked it is exposed to multiple levels of heat. First it is put under extreme pressure and high heat from steam when it is extruded. The final round is in "cooking" phase where it goes through dryers and is typically baked at 350F. Therefore the numbers found in the 2003 study may be higher than what is truly available in kibble.

The Cost of Cooking

Many pet owners feel raw pet food is too expensive. However, as we have illustrated, cooked food does not give you the same bang for your buck. If you increase the price of canned or kibble 25-50% to account for the loss in nutrient value, you will see that raw is competitively priced.