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Steve's Raw Dog Food Testimonials

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We started feeding Steve's Real Food to our little Rusty when he was diagnosed with IBS. We had tied many different kibbles from organic to grain free. It was not until he started on a raw pet food diet that the IBS was controlled.

We are so excited to hear we will be able to get Steve's Real food delivered directly to our door. When the entire crew on the diet it will be super convenient.

-- Sherri Williams, TN

We have always fed a raw dog food diet to our working dogs. It is the only way to give them the energy they need to keep up with us. Our veterinary recommended it when we complained about not being able to keep enough weight on. Since we transitioned to Steve's Real Food not only did Kai put on weight, but her skin and coat became very healthy. She and the others are the healthiest dogs I have seen.

-- Kara Meyer, OR

My incredibly picky Kismit loves Steve's Real Food!! He refuses most treats and does not even like most of the food that fall on the food, but when I open the freezer door he does circles around his bowl and scarfs down every nugget.

We live in an apartment and getting the raw pet food home frozen can be quick a pain. I am so happy I can get it delivered now!

-- Barbra Frontino, CA

After our dog Harley, was became very lethargic, stopped eating and developed a bad cough we took him to the vet who thought he suffered from a heart attack. X-Rays revealed that he had an enlarged heart. He was put on a cocktail of medicines that cost hundreds of dollars and I never liked giving him so many chemicals.

After weeks of going through countless syringes we began feeding him Steve's Real Food (Beef Raw Dog Food). The next 2-3 weeks he did not coughed and I did not have to inject him with anything.

I truly attribute his improved health to Steve's Real Food. I've passed this on to my vet and hope they start prescribing Steve's instead of the mess of medications that Harley had to endure.

-- Jay Rortvedt, KS

We have a rescued greyhound age 3, who was very ill for a year with stomach upsets, etc. I thought I was going to lose him so; I got on the Internet and found Steve's Real Food. He recouped in one month after eating the raw dog food nuggets. Our vet was amazed by the results.

We moved last spring and I was not able to find Steve's Real Food at our local retailer. I was so happy to hear that I could order it online and still feed Baily the wonderful food.

-- Winston Warrner, ID