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Benefits to Feeding Raw Dog Food

Allergies - Reduced or Eliminated

Signs of allergies are often excessive itching, discharge from the eyes and waxy buildup in the ears. A raw diet will reduce if not eliminate these problems. Most pets are allergic to grains and fillers in kibble or canned food. The raw diet is based on the animal's ancestral diet and only includes meat, fruits and vegetables. The more natural the pet's diet the less likely they are to be allergic to the ingredients in it.

Better Digestion

Our four leg friends have a much shorter digestive tract then us and therefore have less time to process food. If food is not fully digested then your pet is not getting all the nutrients from it.

In addition pets do not have the digestive enzyme "amylase" which is needed to digest grain. When you feed grains to your dog their pancreas works overtime to process something it is not meant to breakdown. Improper digestion can create toxin-producing bacteria in the lower bowel and lead to liver and kidney problems.

Less Waste

Better digestion leads to smaller waist. When the dog is eating wholesome foods that it can fully digest, its waste will be minimal. Picking up poop is easier because it is small, firm and less smelly. If left out in the sun, the small ashy logs will turn to dust.

Cleaner Teeth, Healthier Gums and Better Breath

Periodontal Disease is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the vet. It is caused by food that sticks to teeth and enables bacteria to spread. This leads to sore gums and bad breath. Raw food does not contain starches and processed fats so the pet's saliva is able to break down the food and fully digest it.

Healthier Coat

A higher nutrient value will provide your pet with a healthier all around life; however, you will see this mostly in their coat. Toxins are excreted through the skin. When your dog is eating fillers it can't process they will get rid of them through the skin. This is why they tend to have greasy smelly coats. When on a raw diet pets are getting more nutrients and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which give them a much fuller and shiny coat.

Healthier Bone Structure

Puppies raised on a raw diet are shown to have less bone problems in their later years. Kibble that is "formulated" for puppies can be too high in calories from fats and carbohydrates. Most of the calories in raw food come from protein and often lean protein. This promotes a proper growth rate which develops a strong bone structure. Later on in life the dog will benefit from the high levels of omega-3s which reduces inflammation and eases problems such as arthritis.


Raw pet food uses only ingredients that are 100% bioavailable for your pet. This means that everything put in it can be digested and all the nutrients can be used.