Affordable & Convenient Raw Frozen Pet Food

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About Raw Pet Food is your only source for pet food you can trust. We run each brand through our 22 point inspection process. We tour the manufacturing plant, meet the production manager and get to know the company on a level that is not seen by the average consumer. We are your advocate in finding the brands you can place your trust in.

We have chosen Steve's Real Food raw frozen dog food nuggets as our first raw food product because of its reputation, quality ingredients and open disclosure policy. Each diet passed our review process and we feel the company is open and honest.

The Auto Ship Program

We take the convenience of Steve's Real Food to the next level by shipping directly to your door on an scheduled automatic cycle. This safe and simple system makes getting raw food easy.

Step One: Create Your Pet Profiles

First you create pet profiles where you specify your pet's age, weight and how often you plan to feed raw food. We will show you how much food you will need and how much it will cost.

Step Two: Pick Shipment Day

You are then able to choose the day you want your shipment to arrive. To make the shipping affordable we will ship in increments of 20lbs so the day and the frequency the food will arrive is shown on a calendar and you can pick the day you prefer. When you save the information you create a "subscription" that will ship automatically on the day you chose.

Step Three: Payment and Receiving Your Order

Once you have your raw pet food subscriptions set and the delivery day chosen we will alert you via email 24 hours before it is ready to ship. If you need to pause or cancel the order you will be able to do so in two clicks. Otherwise your credit card will be charged and the shipment will be put in the mail.

We pack each order in an insulated container with dry ice so your raw dog food arrives at your door still frozen. You will receive tracking information and know exactly when the order will arrive.